Sunday, December 11, 2011


So after a week has a past I reflect on the last 3 months that I............Or year that i had for 2011.
Coming from the painstaking life of nothing that I experienced for half a year I was able to finally continue my education with a bachelor's degree. I never really did get to experience the rest of the goals I had set myself but somehow knew there would be something stopping me for something I did not plan for.

That happened

As much as I wanted to be employed right now I guess I didn't perceive there to be any sense of error. As much as I could bicker over it my only option is to keep trying without any possibility of understanding why i've failed.

But anyway....Next year I have try and fix the whole time management thing. I'll probably organise myself a lot better and only give myself like 2 weeks to complete assignments to give myself enough time to improve. As the employment issue i'll work on that on the holidays hoping that im aware of what im doing....i really want a car. As for volunteer work I feel that i may fail in that in the volunteer work of applied interest in might have failed. Speaking of which, getting all those other things like volunteer work and running might upset my chances of getting a job.. or that's at least what my paranoia is telling me..sigh..

Gotta be way more positive for next year though. hopefully i can get some extra art work done for the holidays.

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