Saturday, October 29, 2011

New project

Gotta plan for a character design now. I've got no idea what I plan to do yet but I have 3 weeks so it should be cool for now. Should aim for a lot better than this though with a lot less polys (though I still like this model).

MED103 Final concepts

First time using Maya...such a bitch to learn but with previous 3Dsmax XP I felt the transition easier

Still don't care about publishing private work. Ended up having with these as final rendered concepts. Wasn't happy at all (somewhat) with the results but didn't give myself enough time to texture and everything took like 4 times longer that i thought. I plan on going back over the holidays and touching up all this work and making it look somewhat of how I envisioned. Luckily despite the fact I'm confident I won't get an HD, I feel that lighting saved these renders. Also made a logo but thats in video format and cbf uploading to youtube etc

MED103 Design work

I was actually pissed when my visual diary couldn't be submitted analogue and I had to send digital files which had me scan in over 30 A3 pages and I had no idea how to use the scanner and the teacher wasn't around and the entire college was busily rushing around and setting up for an open day.... I guess it saved me from taking photos, but only as a tiny compensation.

Home studio

My weak? example of my some what studio. There really should be a light box in there and other stuff I need to add. The mass of visual diaries isn't really a part of it, I just had a lot of scanning to do from them today

DES101 Final concepts

Despite the fact this is my final work which I handed in last week, I could care less about showing the internet. Next time I'll probably scan work in but regardless for now my crappy camera will have to do. Also I tried to get a HD for this work. I find a out tomorrow (hopefully) and if I did, this is the standard.

DES101 Design work

I pretty much realise that it's been like over a month since when i started this blog, saying I was gunna add stuff each week. I just got really busy with all this work and had no time (not even for heroes!). Summer holidays will be coming up so I won't have much of an excuse anymore.

Some pages from my DES101 visual diary....some of the design work turned out blurry but i could give a fuck. After spending over 3 hours scanning I didn't feel patient/bothered enough to scan this in